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The Lib Tech Ryme C3 Snowboard is a full-on freestyle twin ready for all creative shenanigans, ranging from low impact mini-golf butters to Superpark megabooters. It has a predictable medium flex in Lib's excellent C3 camber profile, bringing poppy boosts and boosty pops galore. It's not all aggressive progression though, the Ryme holds it own (and its edge, thanks to Magne-Traction) outside the park, too. Early-rise tip and tail keep you surfing the white wave out by the boundary ropes, too – it is a snowboard, after all! Catch the Ryme, y'all!

Rocker Type

C3 Camber  Aggressive dominant camber zones out to the contacts combined with mild rocker between your feet. Subtle Banana rocker gives freestyle freedom with maximum end-to-end stability for big, high-speed lines. For aggressive, skilled riders. EJack, Jamie Lynn, and Fredi K's favorite.


Medium Flex  The most versatile flex in the game for peak performance all over the mountain.


Original Power Construction  75% Aspen / 25% Paulownia – Light. Environmentally nice. Strong.


Triaxial / Biaxial Fiberglass


Birch Internal Sidewalls

UHMW Sintered Sidewalls

UHMW Tip / Tail Impact Deflection


Eco Sublimated TNT  The highest density UHMW and fastest base material without wax. TNT features a unique dual-layer thermal fusion “phase alteration” process which aligns the molecular chains into an engineered crystalline structure. The titanium layer reflects light and heat, keeping the base at or near snow temperatures. The crystal layer is the fastest base material without wax, making it a very consistent sliding surface in a wide variety of conditions and wax wear lifecycles. Wax to conditions as normal, but the board will remain fast even as wax wears.


Magne-Traction®  Strategically located edge serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions. Turns ice into powder.


Eco Sublimated Poly Top  High strength, impact resistant, lightweight dimensionally stable UV and temperature resistant top material decorated using an environmentally friendly eco sublimation process.

Art by Annette Veilhelmann

Binding Compatibility

2 x 4 Inserts